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Two self-proclaimed chefs.. What could go wrong?!

Hello and welcome to NEAT & POTATOES!

We are a fully plant-based food source right here in Cape Breton - but don't let that scare you! We pride ourselves in recreating home-style "meat & potatoes" favorites that everyone can enjoy.

In plant-based cookbooks, when referring to meat some use the word "neat". With many of our dishes being a new twist on an old favorite, and coming from enjoying your traditional meat and potato recipes, we thought our name was a perfect way to bring it all together.

Behind NEAT & POTATOES are James and Chloe. For us, our kitchen experience started at home. Coming from families who loved to cook and entertain, we were always smelling something delicious coming out of the oven, and 9 times out of 10, involved in making it. No matter where life took us, things always seemed to bring us back to cooking, whether it was working in a restaurant or taking charge of making a holiday meal.

Our transition to a plant-based diet began near the end of summer 2017 when we watched a few documentaries and decided to try it for 3 days. Three days turned into over two years and we're still alive and kicking. Although we were used to cooking, it was difficult at first to know what ingredients to use and to know what recipes we would enjoy. But once we got it a bit more figured out, we started advertising our food on our Come On In Kitchen Instagram page. The general response we got was that people wanted to try it and that they would be willing to pay for it - so here we are!

Whether it's health or weight loss, looking to reduce your environmental impact, your love for animals, or just looking to try something different - we can't wait to serve you!​