-   HOW WE WORK  -

Welcome to NEAT & POTATOES!

Our philosophy and approach is pretty straight forward; we want to provide you with a plant-based, home-cooked meal conveniently and affordably.

You'll have the option to customize a supper time meal plan that works for you. You will get however many meals you order, prepared, packaged, and delivered to your door so all you have to do is open and enjoy.

Our kitchen is located in Sydney, but the delivery area will be broader than that. From Coxheath to North Sydney, Howie Centre to Glace Bay, New Waterford through the Pier - if you're interested, we will try our best to accommodate you! We will reach out after you're subscribed to confirm delivery time and try our best to work with your schedule, but are aiming for a delivery time of between 4:30pm-6:30pm. (This will depend on the day's areas to cover, but we will be in touch.)

As you'll see on the subscription page, you can decide what meal you would like to receive, and what day it falls on. You'll have the option to add a side dish as well so through out the subscription you can get a big variety of food or stick to your favourite and make it a weekly staple.